Minimum Hiring Standards

General Information

The Classification and Compensation Office establishes the minimum hiring standards (MHS) when a position is created.   The MHS is the minimum education and experience required to perform a given job.  An individual with an education level and experience below the MHS for a job title is not considered minimally “qualified” for the position.  This applicant will not be referred by the employment office.

The MHS is not the only factor considered when choosing a candidate.  The overall quality of a candidate’s application such as work history, skills and knowledge, and education level is taken into consideration too.

Hiring departments may desire specific skills and experience beyond the minimum hiring requirements for a position. Hiring departments may express preferences beyond the MHS to help identify the characteristics of the “ideal” candidate. For example, the Math Department may prefer candidates for its secretarial position who have demonstrable experience preparing documents using complex mathematical symbols, and may choose not to hire a candidate unless the individual possesses that experience in addition to the general secretarial MHS.