Administrative Experience

Work performed under minimal supervision requiring initiative, decision making and independent judgment.

Combination of Education and Experience

Any combination of related job experience, training or education. For instance, if a MHS states that a Bachelor’s degree is required, four years of experience and no college education may be substituted. Other acceptable substitutes are:

  • One year of college and three years of related experience;
  • Two years of college and two years of related experience; or
  • Three years of college and one year of related experience.

Work experience obtained through internships, student employment, volunteer work, or self employment may be considered by the hiring official.


For recruitment purposes, experience is defined as full-time work. Part-time work is pro-rated. For example, a candidate who worked for two years, twenty hours a week would be credited with one year of experience.

Lead Worker Experience

Any work experience at a fully functioning level of responsibility characterized by coordinating, assigning, and reviewing the day to day activities of lower level employees performing the same work. The lead worker serves as a resource for solving problems, provides instruction in work procedures, and may provide input into decisions regarding hiring, discipline, and performance evaluation.

Minimum Qualifications/Minimum Hiring Standards

The minimum level of knowledge (through education and/or training), skills and abilities that are required to perform the essential job functions assigned to a position.

Preferred Qualifications

Qualifications (knowledge, skills, and abilities) that are “ideal” for an applicant to have, but are not necessary to perform the essential job functions (or primary duties) assigned to a position.

Related Field

Any field of study or discipline which is similar in nature. For instance, the Computer Services Specialist II job title requires a Bachelor’s degree in a related field. Examples of related field are Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Information Systems or Computer Science.

Substituting Experience and Education

Substituting education for experience, or experience for education, may be done on a year-for-year basis.

Supervisory/Managerial Experience

Any work experience involving responsibility and authority to hire/fire, train, and evaluate the performance of immediate subordinates.