For Employers

For Our Partner Clients:

When you need a quick employee backfill or heavy workload help, Panther Temps provides you and your department at Georgia State University with the ability to rapidly fill the position with a qualified and affordable professional to help out.

Panther Temps sources excellent qualified candidates for seasonal or long-term assignments.

The Panther Temps Work Group is your resource to find the right person for your open position. We add value to the University by:

  • GSU is Our Only Client: Panther Temps works only for Georgia State University, “your priority is ours too”. We understand Georgia State’s hiring needs and work environment
  • Staffing on Campus: Panther Temps is right here on campus to work with you “hand in hand”
  • Compliance Monitoring: Panther Temps monitors hours and regulations for you as well as insuring all temps are properly assessed and background checked
  • Cost Efficient: Outside staffing vendors charge between 30%-80% on top of pay rate
  • Partnership: We work closely with you to find the “right” person
  • Efficient: Panther Temps takes on all the sourcing responsibilities
  • Opportunity: Provides your department with the ability to evaluate the temporary employee
  • Flexibility: Panther Temps can help you fill immediate needs quickly
  • Replacement Guarantee: We work to find you a temp employee within 24-48 hours

To Start Your Search:

Hire a Panther Temp now! Just submit the job order request form and submit to the Panther Temps Office.

    Submit the Job Order Request Form 

  • Once the Temporary Job Order Request Form has been received, a search to meet departmental needs is activated. This includes:
  • Contacting potential temps, describing position and pay rate, and confirming availability for assignment
  • Scheduling an initial meeting with hiring manager