The Sponsor Funded Process

Using the sponsor funded process to identify and employ top talent at Georgia State University.

The Office of Human Resources Administration assists colleges and departments with identifying, classifying and hiring the best staff for Sponsor Funded Research Program(s) at Georgia State University. While the Sponsor Funded Research process walks you through employing staff and Postdoctoral Research Associates, you are able to find a primary contact for specific assistance, specifically used job titles that are regularly used in research and an electronic submission form that assists with expediting the review process.

On this page, you will find a step-by-step guide to assist you with the Sponsor Funded Hiring Process in order to create a Sponsor Funded research position using the Sponsor Funded Position Review Form (PRF-short form) and how to create a job posting requisition for your Sponsor Funded research position using the Taleo – Applicant Tracking System (ATS).  In the Sponsor Funded – Staff Hiring Procedures PDF attachment, you are able to click on the various links that will take you directly to the Sponsor Funded PRF electronic form and Taleo – ATS system.

Also, listed below are familiar pre-approved research job titles that are being used on campus.  Please click on the link Pre-approved Job Titles below to view.  As you select a job title, you will see the job specification, the minimum qualifications, FLSA status, paygrade and salary range. There are some job titles that have no job specifications, however, these titles may be listed as non-pay plan job titles. If you want to see more job titles, please click on the Job Specs link below, as well as, the Pay Salaries link to see what paygrades/salary ranges are associated with the job titles.

If you have any questions relating to the Sponsor Funded, please contact the Sponsor Funded Liaison, Tineke Battle at

What to do to avoid application delays

PI/Designee should:

(1) CONTACT the Sponsor Funded Liaison Tineke Battle prior to identifying a job title and specific duties/responsibilities.

(2) Review sponsor funded pre-approved job titles and job specifications.

(3) COMMUNICATE with the HRAC Representative for your college and/or department for APPROVAL.

(4) COMPLETE and submit the electronic sponsor funded form.

(5) ATTACH an organizational chart  after completing the electronic form and submit the attachment via email to

Reasons that delay your sponsor funded position

  • Incorrect job titles
  • Not establishing the appropriate duties and responsibilities for selected job titles
  • Inaccurate salary range or paygrade of specific job title
  • Non-submission of previous PRF for incumbents being reclassified
  • Non-submission of PRF Supplement form or resume for incumbents being reclassified
  • Incorrect department budget number and/or speedtype