Hiring Staff Named in the Application

Phase I: Job Title Selection

  1. Contact SFP Liaison to identify appropriate job title named in application.
    1. Job duties / responsibilities, Qualifications for position, Salary for the position, Who will need access to PPRTS and organization structure will be discussed with SFP
    2. A decision will be made regarding the type of position (pre-approved/created)
    3. HRAC person will be identified and cc’d on all communications related to the search.
  2. PI/Designee will complete and submit SFP Form using information discussed with SFP Liaison
    1. Attach Orgchart
    2. Before submitting, please make sure that you have received appropriate review and approval of the position.

Phase II: Interviewing

  1. PI/Designee should inform candidate to submit the Background Authorization form to the Employment Office.

Phase III: Candidate Selection

  1. Candidate can be offered a “Conditional Hire” pending Background Check.
  2. SFP Liaison will notify PI/Designee of the clearance to formally offer the position to the Final Candidate
  3. SFP Liaison will mail the following to selected candidate:
    1. SFP Offer letter, and
    2. New Hire Packet

Phase IV: Onboarding

  1. SFP Liaison will e-mail PI/Designee upon the receipt of the following:
    1. New Hire packet and
    2. Signed SPF Offer letter
  2. SFP Liaison notifies PI/Designee and HRAC to complete ePAF.
  3. SFP Liaison notifies PI/Designee and HRAC the Final Candidate is officially hired at GSU. New employee should communicate with HRAC regarding next steps to include NEO, PantherCard, Parking, Keys
  4. SFP Liaison closes out case as employee officially Onboarded and work-capable!