Sponsor Funded Hiring Process

Contact the Sponsor Funded Liaison (Tineke Battle) prior to identifying a job title and specific duties/responsibilities for any Sponsor Funded Research and/or Post-Doctoral Research Associate positions.

Phase I: Job Title Selection

1. PI/Designee should contact Sponsor Funded Liaison, identify appropriate job title related to Sponsor Funded research and to discuss:

  • Job duties / responsibilities, qualifications for position, salary for the position, who will need access to Taleo (Applicant Tracking System Training Manual) to review applications and submitting an organization chart to include structure of unit and/or department where this position will be located to discussed with Sponsor Funded Liaison.
  • The Sponsor Funded Liaison will make a decision regarding the position, per the discussion with the PI/Designee/HRAC. Please click the link to review Georgia State University job titles and specifications (Job Title Description).
  • HRAC Officer for your college/division will be identified and cc’d on all communications related to the action.
  • PI/Designee will complete the Sponsor Funded Position Review Form by entering a brief description of position duties/responsibilities. Please be sure to enter a department budget number and speedtype from your college/division that will be associated with the position.
  • Click the link and submit the Sponsor Funded Position Review Form (Short Form) using information discussed with Sponsor Funded Liaison.
  • Send an email with an attached Organization chart of the unit/department in which the position is located to the Sponsor Funded Liaison at SFP@gsu.edu.
  • Before submitting, please make sure that you have received appropriate review and approval(s) for the position from your Dean’s Office. This information varies per college and/or department.

Phase II: Job Posting and Application Process

2. Sponsor Funded Liaison will send an e-mail notification of review/approval for the position and the position will be uploaded to Taleo by the Employment Office. This e-mail is sent to PI/Designee, HRAC and Recruiter/Consultant.

4. PI/Designee consults with Recruiter regarding posting of the position requisition.

5. However, if an Incumbent is named in the grant, the position does not have to be posted. The PI/Designee/HRAC are required to provide a copy of the award with incumbent named for the position to the Sponsor Funded Liaison. The PI/Designee will contact the Sponsor Funded Liaison.

6. Otherwise, the PI/Designee enters/initiates posting requisition into Taleo.

7. The requisition should be posted for a minimum of five (5) days. If it is underutilized, it should be posted for a minimum of ten (10) days. The Recruiter/Consultant will inform you if the position is underutilized.

8. Once posted, Recruiter/Consultant releases applications to PI/Designee and HRAC for review.

Phase III: Interviewing

9. Interviews begin to take place. Once interviews are completed, PI/Designee/HRAV will make sure the Interview Evaluation forms are completed and uploaded into Taleo.

10. PI/Designee should inform the final interviewed candidates that a Background Authorization form will be sent to them electronically from the Employment Office via Taleo.

Phase IV: Candidate Selection

11. PI/Designee selects final Candidate, Background Form is submitted and Offer Letter is drafted. An automatic e-mail from Taleo will alert PI/Designee, HRAC and ODDEP to review and approve draft Offer Letter. Should ODDEP have any questions about the search, they will contact the PI/Designee/HRAC to discuss.

12. Once approved, the PI/Designee/HRAC Officer can offer a “Conditional Hire” pending Background Check to the selected candidate.

13. Once the official Offer Letter is approved, it will be submitted electronically by the Employment Office to the selected candidate who will accept via Taleo. Also, the selected candidate will receive a link to complete the New Hire Packet via the Offer Letter.

Phase V: Onboarding

  • a. Selected candidate should submit complete New Hire Packet to the Payroll Office.
  • b. PI/Designee and HRAC can initiate an ePAF via ADP.
  • c. HRAC Officer should communicate with New Employee regarding next steps to include NEO, PantherCard, Parking, Keys.

14. Sponsor Funded Liaison closes out action as employee is officially Onboarded and work-capable!